Fleet of Titans – Towards a Multiplanetary Future

Internet has been a boon to the mankind. But it has also been a problem, not with its functioning but many a times with its outreach and availability. We all want to live in the most remote places and yet hold ourselves back because the farther we push ourselves in to those areas, the farther […]

SPOTbot – The Robot DOG

Spot is officially the most expensive dog money can buy. It is one of the most creative innovations that mankind has ventured in to. What’s in a dog who’s a man’s best friend. Well, much beyond emotions and faithfulness these days. Spot is a quadruped robotic dog developed by Boston Dynamics which has been under […]

Tecnologia Innovativa – brākˌTHro͞o

Neuroscience is a fascinating subject and a world within itself. Imagine the problems of the human body being circumvented or pushed out by a chip in the brain. Well, that imagination has become possible. Neuralink is a neuroscience start-up that aims to implant wireless brain-computer interfaces in the most complex human organ to help cure neurological […]

Let’s FACE it! – Trademarks are the face of your business

What’s in a name! Well, today there is a lot in how one goes about branding her business. It’s not just about adopting any name. Its more about how the world is going to know you until you are in the market. Industry still clings to descriptive marks thinking that they would get noticed easily […]

Starship – The Ship of Planets

When in school, some of us would often try and dramatise space travel on the school benches, using the tools of our compass box. Space is fascinating and it leads you to an intriguing journey where you long to understand that how would it feel to leave the Lower earth orbit and what it would […]

Nouveauté – Your Ticket to Win the World

How will the human race deal with it? What will the world shape up post Covid? Well, it will all be the same and lot more different. Same being the way we reflect upon things and Different being the way we are going to carry on our lives on a daily basis. What’s going to […]

The Music-Bots

When Machines Make Music They say it’s faster, cheaper and versatile. And that’s what we all want. It sums it up, doesn’t it! We want good music, new music and cool music. When you figure this out, it seems pretty simple. But when one digs deeper in to the world of music, trust me, it’s […]


Let the Action Begin When one thinks about creativity in entertainment industry, it’s in a limited way. When one likes a work of entertainment, it’s usually the way it felt. When one creates a work of entertainment, it’s a very personal emotion for the creator. So, going beyond that emotion is where the world of […]

Power of Brands

Customer is The KING The field of Trademark has many fascinating narratives that never fails to amaze its legal circumstance. There are unique trademarks, iconic trademarks, simple but arbitrary trademarks and then there are generic or descriptive trademarks. The last ones are always a tough nut to crack. However, when the generic marks are recognised […]

The Unshakable Pillars of Trademark Biosphere

Coining, Protection, Enforcement & Use What one learns from the Bombay High Court ISKCON judgment is tremendous. It is not only a lesson in itself for any trademark owner, but it is a landmark for all those who are in course of chalking out a mark for their business/products/services. In a case of ISKCON vs […]