Internet has been a boon to the mankind. But it has also been a problem, not with its functioning but many a times with its outreach and availability. We all want to live in the most remote places and yet hold ourselves back because the farther we push ourselves in to those areas, the farther we push ourselves from networks and connectivity. Most of the times, we wish we had some access to the internet, making life liveable in those remote areas and striking a perfect balance no matter where we move! This is where Starlink steps in. Starlink is a constellation of thousands of small satellites pushed in to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and its fundamental goal is to deliver internet connectivity anywhere on the planet where there is little or no connectivity at present. Starlink is an epitome of Intellectual Property in the sense of its flat & compact design, its innovations & engineering capabilities and much more. It is a perfect example of brilliant ideas made effective and brought to its full fruition.

Every satellite of the Starlink Project is absolutely flat with a weight of 260 kilograms making it very convenient to fit them on to the Rocket (Falcon 9) and put them in the orbit. The satellite is powered by a single solar array and the laser helps it remains connected with four others in the orbit. It also has an autonomous collision avoidance system which helps it to track debris and perform maneuvers to avoid any accidents in space. The satellites are placed at an altitude of 550 kilometres which is much lower than the traditional satellites which are placed at a range of 1000 kilometres. This will help Starlink to deliver better services to its clients. Starlink also has a super on-orbit debris mitigation which means that at the end of their (satellites) life, they would burn up in Earth’s atmosphere within five years keeping the space clean. Ultimately, there could be a constellation of 42,000 Starlink satellites in LEO which could pave way to provide communications links to colonies on the Moon and Mars.


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