Let the Action Begin

When one thinks about creativity in entertainment industry, it’s in a limited way. When one likes a work of entertainment, it’s usually the way it felt. When one creates a work of entertainment, it’s a very personal emotion for the creator. So, going beyond that emotion is where the world of Intellectual Property steps in. The creators & investors of entertainment industry need to move swiftly & strategically as far as IP in Entertainment is concerned. What may seem yours today, may be replicated as an inspiration tomorrow. If the creator/producer has been unable to secure Intellectual Property for their works, there is very little that she/he would be able to do about it. So, scripts, music, dialogues, story & much more needs to be protected as a part of a strategy called ‘securing the original works.’ Mostly it’s always about copyrights in the entertainment industry, but then trademarks are not far behind. Trademarks in films/entertainment are as much important. The film/show titles, special words, name of production houses, names of celebrities/directors/artists and much more qualifies to have a trademark protection. Once the protection is in place, just like copyright, the same can be exploited in various ways. Also, the more recent trends are the scriptwriters suing producers for plagiarizing the former’s registered scripts. The script writers are getting good reliefs and settlements in such cases. One more trend that has picked up steam is the indemnity bonds which the music composers are made to sign so that the producers remain free of any liability of plagiarism if the music composer ventures in to any inspirational misadventures. The Entertainment Industry is changing to be adaptive to more legal ecosystems, and yes, the world of theatre/cinema remains a colorful backdrop for the field of Intellectual Property.

“Think about Pampering Creators, not threatening them.”

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