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When the world is looking with hope for cure of Corona Virus, there is some good news. Remdesivir, drug patent owned by US based Gilead Sciences, seems to be the cure to Corona virus. The Indian pharmaceutical majors are already hoping to be granted licensing provisions from Gilead Sciences. Yet again, it is proved that protecting your innovation/creation will ultimately put you far ahead in industry irrespective of the times that it is put to use.

However, various reports state that China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences filed a patent for commercial use of remdesivir in China and it claims to have sought it under national interest. Attempt to patent a drug without being in sync with Inventor can be a matter of concern.

The takeaway from this news is that, “The commercial gains by exploiting your intellectual property is always a boon but it is also imperative to enforce your intellectual property right to prevent dilution.”