Spot is officially the most expensive dog money can buy. It is one of the most creative innovations that mankind has ventured in to. What’s in a dog who’s a man’s best friend. Well, much beyond emotions and faithfulness these days. Spot is a quadruped robotic dog developed by Boston Dynamics which has been under development for several years and recently went on sale to the general public. Spot is well suited for indoors and outdoors and can map, sense and organise its surroundings, avoid obstacles, climb terrain and manage doors. Spot has a brilliant software and super performance mechanical design packed along with panoramic colour cameras, and pan-tilt-zoom cameras. It is also equipped to carry out functions like thermal inspections, finding out hydrocarbon leaks among others. Spot completes all those tasks with much ease, which no human can do or otherwise withstand. 

It’s a boon to the mankind as it augments the human safety in environments where traditional automation hasn’t been successful. Spot has a lot of Intellectual Property attached to it, be it the innovations (engineering & performance) it carries across and its designs (appearance & aesthetics). Even the trademark “Spot” is quite an imagination. SpaceX has picked up Spot and intends to use it in the harsh environments of its tests sites where Spot would carry out several inspections for its master. Ultimately, SpaceX intends to use Spot on its mission to Mars and beyond the Earth atmosphere. Spot boasts of number of industries that it can be put to use which includes Construction, Gas, Oil, Mining, Electric Utility, Healthcare, Public Safety and Entertainment. Spot is Fun and after all, what is an innovation without a little bit of fun!

“Spot can also work as a robot super model😊” – Boston Dynamics

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