When in school, some of us would often try and dramatise space travel on the school benches, using the tools of our compass box. Space is fascinating and it leads you to an intriguing journey where you long to understand that how would it feel to leave the Lower earth orbit and what it would be like to have the human species on more than one planet. Well, we would need an inter planetary transport system for a start and that’s where the SpaceX “Starship” steps in. Let’s understand this giant innovation of space travel. Starship is a space vehicle designed to fly to the Moon, Mars And Beyond. With six massive Raptor rocket engines, the Starship will launch many as 100 people at a time into deep space.

The Starship is packed with a whole lot of unique design features. It is made of stainless steel, which gives it a very reflective surface. SpaceX chose stainless steel for the rocket’s exterior material because it is lighter and can withstand higher temperatures than materials such as composites. Starship is taking innovation to the next level as it is going to reuse the rockets. It means the rockets can launch and land multiple times. Currently, SpaceX is able to land and reuse part of its Falcon rockets. With its goal to make space travel as affordable as air travel and with the humungous amounts of Designs & intellectual property that have gone in to the Starship, its a given that SpaceX has a long way to go!

We’ll probably have a base on the moon before going to Mars.” – Space X

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