To more Falcons

What does it take! Lot of people only think about it, but a few actually set out to discover that. More often than not, the discoveries don’t lead to a fruitful end, but the ones that do, change the way we live forever. Let’s look at the SpaceX story. SpaceX was formed with the express purpose of sending humans into space and building settlements on Mars. Recently, it successfully launched its first two people into orbit, ushering in a new age of human spaceflight. What we see today is result of six years of extensive development and testing. Just imagine the amount of research, failed concepts, innovations and designs that must have gone in building Falcon 9 and more so this entire program. SpaceX’s ambitions don’t stop there. The company is currently working on a new monster rocket called Starship, which may one day take humans to deep space destinations like the Moon and Mars. There are plenty of hurdles between bold vision and reality. However, the ones that travel this bridge successfully, rule a monopolistic market for quite some time. So, the core between the vision and reality is the true value of any Intellectual Property. Every industry must set out to discover where their core is. That’s the best key to unlock the doors to true market domination. Having said that SpaceX has gone one step ahead and opened its doors to one and all. Elon Musk said, “the learnings that SpaceX has gathered from the Crew Dragon parachute development program is free to share with anyone who wants it.” He further added, “I’ve been very clear with Jim (@NASA) that any SpaceX data should not be considered proprietary & it can be used by any of our competitors […] No charge.” Later on, he reiterated that what he meant was literally any of SpaceX’s IP is on the table for NASA to distribute freely as the agency sees fit.

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