The firm advises its domestic & international clients across all spectrums of intellectual property issues. It serves across the industry ranging from individuals to small, medium & large businesses and its expertise dwells in to counselling of clients, advisory, opinions, filing IP applications, handling settlements & mediations, drafting of documents, preparing IP Strategies, arguing matters before tribunals & courts. The firm is based in Ahmedabad and works on assignments throughout India as well as abroad. The core of the firm remains justice & client satisfaction.


The founder of this firm Nakul J. Sharedalal is a Master of Laws from Queen Mary, University of London. He has specialised in Commercial & Corporate Law where Intellectual Property formed an integral part of his curriculum. Apart from his professional commitments, he loves to educate and enlighten his fellow countrymen and statesmen about Intellectual Property. After pursuing his Master of Laws, he especially returned to India from Great Britain, to further his ideology of making his country ever steady in IPR. He is a regular speaker at various Apex bodies and Educational Institutions. Having such an extensive IPR legacy behind him, he believes in spreading awareness by stimulating the innovators and creators to nose dive into the world of IPR.

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