20 June 2022

Congratulating our founder on a superb achievement. His hard work and dedication to the industry for intellectual property is taking him to newer horizons. We wish him to rise higher!
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26 March 2022

In complete awe of our founder for bagging such prestigious recognition. We are so proud of him. He hits it out of the park every single time!

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05 February 2022

Top IP Lawyer Ranking for Two Years in a row!
Wow is the word for it. We wish him the very best
to keep inspiring all those young guns out there
who wish to do something great. All we can say is,

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25 December 2021

This guy is just unstoppable. Our founder has just stunned us with this fantastic benchmark. He’s ranked as the Top IP Lawyer 2021 (second time consecutively) by Asian Legal Business (India) – Thomson Reuters. He’s making a super mark out there and creating his legal journey in to a fabulous legacy. We are so happy to be a first hand witness to that.
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28 November 2021

Sharing our Founder’s Feature Story. 


20 November 2021

We are elated to see our founder featured amongst the “Men Leaders to look up to – 2021”. We are super excited but not at all surprised as his focus, thoughts and ideology completely cements his feature position amongst such iconic global leaders. We give a shout out to all the young professionals & entrepreneurs across the globe to turn their dreams in to exemplary adventures and just enjoy being out there!

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30 October 2021

We have done it! NS wins the Award for “Emerging Firm of the Year” in IPR & Legal Services at the Asian African Business Summit. We are delighted and proud of what we have done with this enterprise.
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25 September 2021

Our founder had a wonderful meeting with Hon’ble Minister (GOG) Jitu Chaudhary. They deliberated on issues of Blue Revolution & Innovations in water resources for a sustainable future. He met the minister as a Chairman of Assocham Gujarat IPR Council alongside Vipul Gajimwar & Utsav Jain (Assocham Gujarat Council).

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07 August 2021

What a way to do it NS! What a way to win your one more title! What an awesome show of class & finesse. We wholeheartedly thank GR foundation & Skyline Magazine who considered our founder worthy of the Legal (IP) Youth Icon title. We absolutely adore this one! #Honour #Icon #NS

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26 June 2021
Congratulations to our founder on receiving his Doctorate. We hereby share his message. He just doesn’t stop to amaze us🙌🏻
#Doctorate #DAS #DoneRight #Azteca #CIAC #NS
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29 May 2021
“The comeback is always greater than the setback!” – VB

Our founder gives us a master class in dynamism almost everyday. We congratulate him for adding another super feather to his ever growing & very interesting cap. This award doesn’t come as a surprise to us as his zest for excellence rather than success feeds his fantastic performance. We also wholeheartedly thank the Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry for recognising & rewarding him for his impeccable standards of expertise!
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01 May 2021
We congratulate our founder on being awarded “The Most Dynamic Lawyer of the Year” title at the 3rd Asian African Leadership Forum.
#Way2Go #Dynamic #Focussed #Fearless #Flyer #NS
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19 December 2020
Congratulations to our Founder on being ranked as the “Top IP Lawyer” by Asian Legal Business India, 2020 – Thomson Reuters. When he is being true to himself, he can achieve extraordinary milestones such as this. One has to allow for the impossible to be possible.
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08 December 2020
“When you are in the ocean you must swim.”-(P.A.)
Congratulations to our Founder on receiving Award of Honour from IIMT Studies, UK! #GodSpeed
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