IP Advisory

One of the firm’s core strengths is to offer consultations, advises, IP related agreements, contracts, confidentiality documents, non-competition documents, employee bonds, assignment deeds, license documents, franchisee documents, opinions, notices, letters among others. 

IP Registrations

The firm is fond of seeing a brand owner, an innovator, a creator, a designer or any other individual get her/his Intellectual Property Right registered. Its immense experience & expertise advising a range of clients on applications & registrations across all spectrums of Intellectual Property remains firm’s strong side of practice.

IP Commercial

The firm’s commitment in helping clients with commercialising their Intellectual Property remains second to none. It carefully studies the needs of clients, worth of their property and then advises with a custom designed plan on how to exploit it. Exploiting Intellectual Property at the right time & in the right manner is very important in order to realise its full potential value.

IP Strategy

The firm holds the key to this area of practice as it focusses on strategising a mark, design, creativity or innovation from day one, even before its applied for registration. Several of its clients still use intellectual properties that have been successfully strategised and periodically applied with their latest updates and such ideologies have seen clients IP Portfolios grow exponentially in a short time.

International IP Practice

The firm’s international outreach remains its strong point in International Practice of IP. The vast international network of the firm remains an extremely important resource to its clients as their international IP registrations & enforcements happen with ease. Such smooth international registrations & enforcements also mean bigger IP portfolios of its clients.

Startup Corner

The firm keeps startups close to its heart. The firm encourages startups to follow its Insights (section) on website and media accounts for continued updates. Also, its commitment to see every startup succeed with a successful IP Strategy remains second to none.

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