How will the human race deal with it? What will the world shape up post Covid? Well, it will all be the same and lot more different. Same being the way we reflect upon things and Different being the way we are going to carry on our lives on a daily basis. What’s going to matter, is innovation and people who are engaged in that process. The blessing that the human race has is that it can innovate, experiment and research at a breath-taking speed and the engagement of companies, universities, governments, non-profits, and individuals around the world has shown that we can focus on tackling real-world challenges quickly. At such a time, collaborations are important. When two companies/individuals collaborate, its not only about the financial muscle power, but its also about the IP muscle power that is at display because the diversity of skills and knowledge is essential to creating big solutions. 

The virus has sparked a rise in creative, weird and wonderful inventions to help us adjust to the ‘new normal’. The funny but creative ones that really stood out were, “the Pool noodles concept, the Keith Urban secret drive-in concert, the Maryland bumper restaurant tables, the Milliken carpet tiles, the mouth hole mask” and I am sure there are many more. Also, be it virtual meetings, tech deliveries, compact ventilators, advanced sanitation, virus detection technologies, medical inventions, unique designs, e-conventions among others, is the way we are going to live our lives for quite some time until something more advanced comes up and we move on to that next cluster. What will empower your business & you is innovation & creations that help make our lives faster, easier, safe & convenient. It is almost time that industry realises that there is no escaping Intellectual Property and that your designs, copyrights, brands & patents are going to drive your industry for times to come. Post COVID era certainly belongs to those industries who invest, nurture and protect their Intellectual Properties.

“The industry that’s not innovating, is losing the market fair & square”

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